Sunday, January 14, 2018

Destiny 2


So I tried Destiny 2. The trial. I looks like a decent game.

But I'm not hooked.
  • The jetpack is disappointing.
  • The intro is annoying I think, (just get me in the meat of game already).
  • I felt like I was just wearing what ever has the bigger numbers number.
If I compare it to other similar games:
  • Warframe has better movement.
  • Mass Effect has better RPG elements.
  • Borderlands has better guns
  • And all of these have meaningful choices.
Maybe I'll come back to it at a later date if it bundles all its expansions together with a giant price drop. Its not like don't have hundreds of unfinished games on steam already.


I got to try the first campaign of the game for free (no DLC). I would have tried more strikes but the rewards were insignificant, my level was capped at 20 and power at 265. The game teases mechanics which don't really make sense at the beginning of the game. Like upgrading your guns, why is it so expensive to upgrade low level guns / armor? Would have been fun to be able to carry some gear from early in the campaign to later in the game. No wonder people say the game starts at the end-game.

The campaign is ok, the voice acting is good. It seems a decent game but it's not ground breaking. I don't feel like buying DLC right now, not sure if I would enjoy the end game anyways.

Usually games introduce mechanics as you progress, not sure it's a good strategy to keep everything for the end.

I updated the review with a score since I played the whole base game.

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