Sunday, May 3, 2015

Card City Night


What happens when you mix pokemon plot devices with collectible card games, and lots of other crazy ideas? The result is surprisingly good in Card City Night! This is a single player collectible card game (or CCG) with original mechanics. The game makes you collect cards and face many opponents in order to .... collect more cards and face stronger opponents.

The game was fun while it lasted, 10 to 20 hours I would say, depending on your desire to collect the cards and attempts to make original decks. 

I would say its easy to make good decks just by using offensive cards that go well together. There are many ways to win a game, and some of the opponents in the game have very interesting decks based on specific cards. However I think it would be very difficult for a player to make one of these very interesting decks because:
  • Cards are given randomly to the player.
  • Those special cards that allow interesting special strategy are rare or expansive.

I think the game would have been a lot more fun if the player could make interesting decks like the ones the AI opponents have. But it was was fun playing against these decks anyways.

An other thing that could be improved is the user interface used to create new decks. Its possible to sort the cards differently but there are no filtering options.

I can't recommend this game to everyone, but if you like puzzles or CCG and are looking something different, this game might be a great addition to your collection.