Sunday, April 5, 2015

Final Fantasy XIII


So I was all exited to play a JRPG again. I read some reviews about FFXIII, which were somewhat bad, some people complain about the dumb battle system or other mechanics ... But I told myself lets just play this, lets just relax and enjoy the show, I don't care about those things...

I started playing, and at first everything was good... I enjoyed the pretty graphics and let the story draw me into the game ...

But the more I played the more it became annoying to play ... and now I guess I'm somewhere in the middle and can't muster the will to play this game again. The lack of control is one of the major source of frustration in combat ... Sometime the game really seems randomly, unexpectedly unfair, and the rest of the time its boring and easy.

Now I don't feel like playing a JRPG ever again. Stay away. You've been warned.

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