Sunday, April 24, 2016

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions


This game is a turned based strategy game and tactical RPG. Its pretty good. I played a little bit on the playstation a longtime ago and it has definitely been on my TODO list for a long time.

I bought IOS version and was mostly not disappointed. I remember there is a few issues with the port but otherwise the game was very very good. The worst was some glitches in the UI and save system. Notably sometimes I would lose my progress if I would switch to an other application. So I would save every time before switching applications.

People might complain that Square's old games are expensive on IOS but some of them are worth it I think.
To me it feels these ported AAA titles of their own time were made with more care and love than many of the newer little games that plague the app store. They are truly work of art that come with their own spirit, their own worlds. They took themselves seriously back in the day and it still shows, even through the port to newer systems.

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