Sunday, June 24, 2012

Diablo III: DH Hell Cleared

Act 2 Hell was pretty hard. I took a 1 week break from my Demon Hunter at that point. I had 35k hit point , with a lot more Vit than Dex. Overall it was a very annoying act. Bosses and champions would be very hard not only because of their Boss/Champion abilities of because of their natural abilities. Like those cat who are invincible when the jump or the lizard who go underground, or the zombies that run super fast. I took a one week break from my DH at that time. I came back and just ran through the act to Belial. I tried to kill him many times with a friend, my friend had only 22k life and would get one shotted. This was before the 1.03 patch so monsters had a small damage bonus in multiplayer games. We even had trouble getting past the snake part at fist. After that we had customized our build just to get trough that part but did not manage to kill the boss in its final form. We must have tried a about a dozen times. Later it took me 3 attempts(solo) to kill him. My friend managed to kill him alone too (I don't know how many tries). He got the achievement about not getting hit once.

After that Act 3 was easy. I got my level 60 just before Azmodan. Somewhere in Act 3 I discovered Screaming Skull and it made everything in Act 3 a lot easier. I allowed me to kill bosses that I would not have been able to kill without it.

After that I bought cheap level 60 hand crossbows on the gold auction house. Both have +10 Discipline! I allows me to stay invisible a lot longer.So I finished Act 4 with even more ease than Act 3.Reaching level 60 also allows you to stack nephalem valor which gives you better drops and more gold. When I finished Act 4 I realized that I had only 22k Max hit point remaining, I guess I swapped a lot of gear get more Dex and resists.

Here is my current build, I think it is very good since I did not die since Act 2 Hell and I just recently finished Leoric at inferno.

Adventuring Build



Primary: Evasive Fire/Covering Fire

If use correctly this skill is amazing. Useful to kite monsters and projectiles. The automatic back-flip can be a life saver. Also 3 hits equals 3 chances to get a critical hit and gain Discipline.

Secondary:  Elemental Arrow/Screaming Skull

Screaming Skull is in my opinion much better than Nether Tentacles. I did not get to try Nether Tentacles until after the 1.3 patch nerf and I don't see why people stick with it: it hits only once now.

 With Screaming Skull, I feel like the Demon Hunter in its pre-launch preview. Its time to show those monsters who's hunting who! Screaming Skull has 40% chances to fear enemies and it works on randomly generated champions and bosses. IT EVEN WORKS ON INVINCIBLE MINIONS! Its better than stun: it makes them run in the opposite direction. USE IT.

The only trick is that monsters must see you otherwise they just stand there. So you must not be using Smoke Screen at the same time. While in smoke screen use evasive fire. When you run out of Discipline, switch to Screaming skull. You can alternate Screaming skull and Covering Fire while visible. I've been able to kill bosses with invincible minions and many other dangerous bosses/champions with this strategy.

Also another warning: non random bosses (those with a name and hidden properties) are immune to fear.

Slot 1: Smoke Screen/Lingering Fog

To be invincible.

Slot 2: Preparation/Battle Scars

To be invincible more often, to heal. I must say I'm tempted to try Backup plan.

 Slot 3: Multishot/Fire at Will

Wipes the screen of any ordinary monster. I would use Suppression Fire  but I'm kicking so much ass right now that I don't need so much discipline.

Slot 4: Rain of Vengeance/ Flying Strike or Stampede

Not sure which one is better, Stampede does more damage and knocks back champions and minions. Flying strike can stun anything.

Note: My gear was, red, green, blue and yellow, it was pretty ugly over all so I decided to dye everything the same colour.  Next time I'll try an other colour, yellow is not amazing.