Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Maybe I had too much expectations for this game? Things were looking very good at first. The narration, is amazing, the art and ambiance are great. I got bored somewhere in the middle, and it felt like it was good again at the end.

Again, my old joystick did not work with this game. I played with keyboard and mouse, the controls were not bad. In some circumstances my progress was not saved which was annoying. There is some replay value, but I'm not interessed.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Batman: Arkham Asylum


I'm not a Batman fan, but I think Batman: Arkham Asylum is a solid title. Many games based on movies or comic book intellectual property are rushed and of poor quality, this is not the case here. 

My only critics are the following:
  • The game did not work with my old joystick, and control were a bit awkward on keyboard, mainly the is no "always run" feature. I went to buy a Xbox 360 compatible controller which worked on PC.
  •  Somethings don't make sense. Ok, maybe its a batman video game ...
  • There are "riddles" in the games, most of them are not really riddles.
  • One boss fight in the middle of the game is at least 15 minutes long, and its barely a fight as you can only run away until the final cut scene. It was actually much longer than that for me as I died multiple times.
  • The game often has some un-intuitive game mechanics. Both for bosses and some small time criminals. For examples, even some thugs, which look identical to the 99999 other thugs you beat at this point in the game can block indefinitely. The only way to beat them is to jump over them or stun them with the bat claw.
  • Likewise, bosses often have un-intuitive rules or mechanics. It often is a guessing game the first time you face the boss. At least when you die once, a splash screen tells you how you can defeat the boss. 
Otherwise I had a lot of fun playing this game.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Final Fantasy XIII


So I was all exited to play a JRPG again. I read some reviews about FFXIII, which were somewhat bad, some people complain about the dumb battle system or other mechanics ... But I told myself lets just play this, lets just relax and enjoy the show, I don't care about those things...

I started playing, and at first everything was good... I enjoyed the pretty graphics and let the story draw me into the game ...

But the more I played the more it became annoying to play ... and now I guess I'm somewhere in the middle and can't muster the will to play this game again. The lack of control is one of the major source of frustration in combat ... Sometime the game really seems randomly, unexpectedly unfair, and the rest of the time its boring and easy.

Now I don't feel like playing a JRPG ever again. Stay away. You've been warned.