Friday, December 25, 2015

Battle Heart Legacy


Battle Heart Legacy is a fun little action RPG game. The game has basic 3d graphics but the art style is good for a mobile device. You control your character by taping on the screen, which works fine *most* of the times. The game has random encounter which are insignificant most of the time.

The game has an interesting stats and class system where you can unlock the abilities of the different classes by allocating stats (Strength, Dex, ...) on the character sheet. However you still need a trainer to learn the skill, some trainers can die in the story if you don't help them. I suggest you avoid Bard and Paladin because charisma sucks. It might be worth it if you want to play a very long time however as the bard has a passive skill which lowers the requirements for learning skills from the other classes.

Also, even if I had a rather thought paladin/fighter character, the final boss had a melee aeo attack which would one-shot me. Because of the controls and path finding my character would sometimes not be able get out in time. This was quite frustrating, as the final boss has a rather long monologue which is replayed every-time you want to figth him. It would be *GREAT* if you could just restart the boss fight after dying.

The quests in the game are simple and fun, but I found that I would get under leveled and had to grind. I think it would have been better to either put more content in the game or ease the level progression. Its a basic hack and slash so the grinding phases are not very amazing.

Overall I would recommend it you know you are going to be bored on a plane with your Ipad. At least it worked for me. The game does not require an online connection unless you want to save your character to the cloud.

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