Sunday, August 12, 2012

Diablo III: Inferno Cleared

Inferno Clear

So I had stopped playing mostly but once in a while a would play with friends. Alone none of us was really able to do well in act 4, but with two monks with mantras and my barb with WarCry we were able to steadily advance. Once in a while we would still face a boss we would not be able to kill and that was frustrating.

We finally killed Izual and before our next session I decided to bypass the rest of the game using Sprint. I then tried Diablo alone and killed him successfully on my first try.

At our next gaming session, my friends were just glad that I could share the way-point with them and we killed Diablo together. Let me tell you that Diablo is a lot easier than the randomly generated bosses that you find in Act 4 (and Act 3 maybe ?).

Wicked Wizard

After that I stumbled on the wind-up wizard site and that gave me the motivation to try the Wicked Wind/Critical Mass combo. Basically you stack Energy Twisters on monsters and it makes the cool-downs of your other skill to replenish very fast. With enough monsters it allows to maintain Frost Nova and Diamon Skin permanently.

Without much investment I was able to steamroll Act 1 and Act 2 of Inferno. Right now my wizard is stuck in act 3, and it would require a bit of farming to get enough resists to be able to go through act 3.

The build is a lot of fun so we'll see if the upcoming patch will be able to get me back into the game.

Farming Act 1 (Not as quick as with my DH but a lot more fun)

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