Friday, May 25, 2012

Diablo III: DH Nightmare Cleared

So its been more than one week since Diablo III. Obviously I've been too busy playing in my spare time to update this blog. I just cleared nightmare with my Demon Hunter. I used this build to kill Diablo.

Basically, Thunder Ball and Impact for the stun. Caltrops(Tortuous Ground) was more useful against monsters outside of boss fights when there is not enough space for Vault. Multishot to deal with groups of monsters, also outside of boss fight.

When low on health while health globes/potions were unavailable , I used Shadow Power with impale to regain some health.

Before Act 3 I was able to kite everything in the game. After that, some very annoying monsters have the ability to charge/Jumb on you which completely nullifies the effects of Vault and Caltrops. That's when I added the stun and ShadowPowers. I died a lot to those monsters anyways. At first it seamed that there was no ways for me to beat champion packs of these types.

The stun was also very useful for boss fights.

So right now I'm back to Act1 again, in hell this time. I switched a few skills, I really like the Tactical Advantage / Evasive fire combo. Makes me run very fast.

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